How to Save Your Family a Small Fortune each Month by using Amazon Prime

June 26, 2017
Saving Money; Amazon Prime
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When I began this whole blogging endeavor, it seemed like a no-brainer to immediately apply to become an Amazon affiliate. Why? Because I knew I needed a way to sustain this new hobby of mine, but I also wanted to remain true to the purposes of this blog by only linking myself to companies I personally believed in. Since Amazon is quite literally the single store that my family shops at the most, they seemed like an obvious first choice.

I remember back to the day when Amazon dealt exclusively with books. My father, an avid reader, used Amazon as his primary bookstore and I quickly followed suit as a teenager when I was looking for new Christian romances, classic novels, or school textbooks. You simply couldn’t beat the convenience of shopping from home and their great deals.

Of course, nowadays Amazon does much more than simply sell books. With its recent purchase of Whole Foods, CNBC states that Amazon’s stocks reached an all new high of $1,017 this past week. In many ways, Amazon has redefined retail, with its stocks continuously going up as more and more customers choose it over traditional stores. Many reasons can be given for Amazon’s rising prominence: convenience, affordability, quality customer care, etc.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the reasons my family loves Amazon and how we regularly use it to cut back costs and make every penny count.

Save Money with Amazon Prime

The Many Benefits of Amazon Prime – 

The magic of Amazon Prime was something I discovered after my marriage. Through Prime, you are given a guaranteed freetwo-day delivery on an enormous variety of products along with free returns. This means as long as I plan two days in advance I can get any gift, household item, clothing, food product, etc. delivered directly to my door for free.

Not only that, but Amazon Prime also guarantees free returns. So, if you’re dissatisfied with the product or it doesn’t fit just right, you can painlessly return it by printing the shipping label and dropping the item off at your nearest UPS store.

Your Amazon Prime membership also gains you access to tons of free music and movies that can be viewed and even downloaded directly to your device.

An avid music lover, before having Amazon Prime I used to stream music predominantly through free Pandora stations. I played Pandora constantly both at home and within my classroom to create a cheerful atmosphere. However, commercials quickly got old, frequently coming at inopportune moments (like during students’ test…oy vey!). Thanks to Amazon Prime, though, I was able to continue streaming music either through created playlists or Prime’s actual stations without any annoying ads. Best of all, Amazon allows you to download your playlists to your devices so that you can stream them without requiring wifi or data.

Amazon Prime also allows you to rent and buy films without having to drive to the nearest Redbox or worry about late returns.

Finally, Prime members can borrow tons of Kindle books without any additional fees or registrations needed.

Reward Points

Another way that my family saves money with Amazon, particularly around Christmas time, is through our Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. Each time we make a purchase with our credit card, we are able to earn reward points that can be later used toward a future Amazon purchase. These points quickly add up around Christmas time when Amazon packages are being delivered to our home several times a week.

Subscribe & Save:

Another Amazon Prime feature that my family absolutely loves is the ability to subscribe and save. Basically, by subscribing and having an item shipped regularly to your home (monthly, every two months, quarterly, etc.) buyers are given additional discounts. We currently use subscribe and save for all of our diapers (we have found Luvs to generally be the best bang for our buck), pull-ups, wipes, and several food products such as Annie’s Organic Variety Pack and Larabars. In the past, we’ve also subscribed to things like toilet paper, facial products (I love this organic Yes to Blueberries Foaming Facial Cleanser), Gluten Free Pancake Mix, and Nursing Pads. We’ve subscribed to all of these items because of the convenience of having them delivered to our home, but more importantly because they were considerably cheaper through Amazon than anywhere else.

Saving Money through Amazon Prime

Add-On Items:

Amazon also provides tons of Add-on items which are available for purchase anytime you order something $25 or more, excluding gift cards. Add-on items are alway very low-priced, giving you great deals on all sorts of things. To buy Add-on items, simply look for the logo  while shopping on Amazon.com. Best of all, Add-on Items can go toward the needed $25 order, as long as your purchase doesn’t consist entirely of Add-on items.

I’ve used Add-on items the most for stocking stuffers and Easter basket goodies, although you never know when you’ll get a great deal through the Add-on program.

Prime Pantry:

Another benefit of having an Amazon Prime membership is the Prime Pantry. Now, this particular aspect of Prime I’m less familiar with as my family has yet to really delve into it. But the basic concept is that Prime members can shop for regular sized grocery and household products and still receive a significant discount. Members receive free shipping any time they purchase five or more qualifying items while often getting a flat delivery fee of $5.99 per box when purchasing less than five items. Prime Pantry also currently offers weekly deals and coupons.

Get a Free 30-Day Trial to Prime

We truly love our Prime membership which is why I’m happy to recommend it to others.  If you are interested, try Amazon Prime for a Free 30-Day Trial and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. And in the process, you’ll save countless hours and pennies. Happy savings!



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  1. I love Amazon Prime! It’s been super convenient to shop and save from the comforts of home, especially not having to worry about taking two little ones to the store!

  2. Subscribe and Save is the best! I usually order diapers and cat food through this option, and if we don’t need to restock any other essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) I find super cheap deals so I can take advantage of the extra 20% off with 5 items. Some bloggers list “Amazon subscribe and save” deals under $5 and its so useful when placing my orders!

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