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Welcome to Life with the Little People, our little cyber corner of positivity. Motherhood comes in many different shapes and forms. There are biological mothers and spiritual ones; working mothers, stay at home moms, and those somewhere in between. No matter what your particular form of motherhood, the hope is that this website will be a source of encouragement and enrichment as you strive to live out your vocation as wife and mother.

Here you’ll find stories, reflections, and practical advice on a variety of subjects all pertaining to womanhood in some way. A busy mom myself, I can’t promise that entries will be completely free from error. You’re bound to find the occasional typographical/grammatical error. But my prayer is that God will use these imperfect offerings to help strengthen you in your purpose and oh-so-important calling to serve the “little people” in your life.

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Marriage requires constant work, devotion, and grace to withstand the test of time.A place of hope centered on Christianity and obtaining holiness Teaching practices and ideas for the home school mom or the traditional school teacher.Your place to go for inspiration, practical wisdom, or support on motherhood and parenting.

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