About Brooke

Brooke DeVille

To be quite honest, I never saw myself married and with kids. I never daydreamed of my wedding day, I didn’t make up future baby names, and—funny enough—when I met my husband, I certainly did not see myself with him. But really, when a man in a Dallas Cowboys jersey and cowboy boots walks with swagger towards you to say, “Hey, little lady” do you really expect to swoon? Well, God always has bigger plans, doesn’t He? And a sense of humor!

I was born and raised in Louisiana, attended Franciscan University in Steubenville for my BA in English (met my best friend/husband at orientation in the manner mentioned above), and then went to the University of Dallas to get my MA. When we moved to Louisiana, I taught for a few years and absolutely loved it. Then, following the birth of our third, I decided to take a step back from work in order to be more present to our children. Being a homemaker has been a huge adjustment for me, and I have learned so much about home life and myself already! Sometimes unwillingly, but God always finds a way. I hope my topics inspire fruitful thought and discussions that turn into life-changing action. Ora et labora!

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